My Fruitilicious (Fruitarian) Birthday Celebration and Charity:Water!

Twenty one years ago, on 1st of April, 1993, I was born on this magnificient planet, mother Earth!

Paawan's Childhood Photo, about 2-3 years old

Paawan’s Childhood Photo, about 2-3 years old

Like my earlier birthdays, my family was planning a celebration party with friends and family and a feast of cake, pastries and many more not-so-healthy things!

I had decided more than an year ago that I would give up my one future birthday for Charity:Water and thus had set a reminder on their site and they mailed me a month before my birthday, reminding me to create a birthday campaign. Here’s the link: It’s a 3 month campaign which will end on 1st June 2014.

The other thing that I decided just a day before my birthday was to practice fruitarianism on my birthday. I had read about it less than a week ago and thought of giving it a try. I had tried having fruits for lunch earlier, only a handful of times, only to end up being very hungry later. But since I learnt now that we need to eat a lot of calories when having fruits, it became much more easier.

That's me! Having Bananas On the Go

That’s me! Having Bananas On the Go

A medium sized banana weighing a little more than 100 gm has about 100 calories and an apple also contains a little less than about 100 calories. This way, if one leads a sedentary life (without physical exertion) and is planning to only eat fruits for lunch, the lunch should be about 800-1000 calories which means 8 to 10 apples/bananas, while the number would go above 20 for people who exercise and lead an active lifestyle!

I did successfully spend that day and the next one, eating just fruits! I also know about all the criticism that fruitarians and fruit-only diets face all around the world. But I did find interesting stuff that made me believe that instead of 90% fruitarian, if we are even able to obtain organic fruits, and make them comprise at least 50% of our daily food intake, our life can be healthier than what it is without a lot of fruits.

Paawan's Birthday CharityWater Campaign Screenshot

Paawan’s Birthday CharityWater Campaign Screenshot

I also really gave up on the planned party, and just mailed all my family and friends to donate on my charity:water campaign instead of gifting me anything. My family had brought a cake and a few pastries for cutting in the evening, I did cut it for them while everyone sang the century old “Happy Birthday to you” (which I love a lot), but didn’t have a piece of anything. I felt great about my being able to stick to my decision and not being lured into the chocolicious cake and awesomely decorated pastries, and I feel that it’s due to my this strong will that I have been able to shed those extra pounds and it’ll allow me to sculpt my body perfectly, just the way I want it to be!

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