Calisthenics Current Progressions March 2014: Convict Conditioning Levels

More information about this post is available on my older post: Calisthenics Current Progressions December 2013: Convict Conditioning Levels

Current Level of Progressions in Calisthenics as of Tuesday, 1st April 2014

How to read this chart: The values written below the exercise names are sets and reps written in “sets x reps” format. For example, ‘3×50’ means 3 sets of 50 repetitions of that particular exercise, while ‘5×6’ means 5 sets of 6 repetitions.

Levels Pushup Squat Pullup Leg Raise Bridge Handstand Pushup
Level 1 Wall Pushups
Shoulderstand Squats
Unable to Balance
Vertical Pulls
Knee Tucks
Short Bridges
Wall Headstands
Never Tried
Level 2 Incline Pushups
Jackknife Squats
Horizontal Pulls
Flat Knee Raises
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Straight Bridges
Crow Stands
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Level 3 Kneeling Pushups
Supported Squats
Jackknife Pulls
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Flat Bent Leg Raises Angled Bridges
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
 Wall Handstands
Level 4 Half Pushups
Half Squats
 Half Pullups Flat Frog Raises Head Bridges Half Handstand Pushups
Level 5 Full Pushups
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Full Squats
Full Pullups Flat Straight Leg Raises Half Bridges Handstand Pushups
Level 6 Close Pushups Close Squats
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Close Pullups Hanging Knee Raises Full Bridges Close Handstand Pushups
Level 7 Uneven Pushups Uneven Squats Uneven Pullups Hanging Bent Leg Raises Wall Walking Bridges (Down) Uneven Handstand Pushups
Level 8 1/2 One-Arm Pushups 1/2 One-Leg Squats 1/2 One-Arm Pullups Hanging Frog Raises Wall Walking Bridges (Up) 1/2 One Arm Pushups
Level 9 Lever Pushups Assisted One-Leg Squat Assisted One-Arm Pullups Partial Straight Leg Raises Closing Bridges Lever Handstand Pushups
Level 10 One Arm Pushups One-leg Squats One-Arm Pullups Hanging Straight Leg Raises Stand-to-Stand Bridges One-Arm Handstand Pushups

There is good progress in the levels of Pushups and Squats but need to work harder in other exercises!

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