Calisthenics Current Progressions December 2013: Convict Conditioning Levels

If you look at the book Convict Conditioning, it promises us that every man who is less than 70 years old and not physically challenged, can reach the ultimate level of fitness and will be able to perform body-weight exercises like one-handed pushups, hand-stand pushups, one-legged squats (the pistol), bridges, one-handed pullups and hanging straight leg raises after progressing through 10 levels of exercises, the plan is to begin with ‘Level 1’ of the six exercises and work up to the goal of that level and then progress to the next level. Most of the goals in ‘Level 1’ are 3 sets of 40-50 repetitions of the easiest exercises. It doesn’t specify any time period for become able enough to perform these exercises and reach ‘Level 10’.

When I read this book around last year, it seemed a journey of several years, but since I started my Transformation two months ago, I am really charged up and motivated to exercise, thus, I have a feeling that I’ll be able to reach very high levels or top levels of these exercises in a year i.e. by the end of 2014! To keep a track of my progressions, I am going to post in a tabular form, monthly, my current best in the various exercises and their levels, mentioned in Convict Conditioning. (You can even have a look at a pictorial chart which shows each of the six exercises and their ten levels here: Convict Conditioning All Exercises Progressions )

Current Level of Progressions in Calisthenics as of Friday, 27th December 2013

How to read this chart: The values written below the exercise names are sets and reps written in “sets x reps” format. For example, ‘3×50’ means 3 sets of 50 repetitions of that particular exercise, while ‘5×6’ means 5 sets of 6 repetitions.

Levels Pushup Squat Pullup Leg Raise Bridge Handstand Pushup
Level 1 Wall Pushups
Shoulderstand Squats
Unable to Balance
Vertical Pulls
Knee Tucks
Short Bridges
Wall Headstands
Never Tried
Level 2 Incline Pushups
Jackknife Squats
Horizontal Pulls
Flat Knee Raises
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Straight Bridges
Crow Stands
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Level 3 Kneeling Pushups
Reached the goal of previous level today, will start this level from next workout.
Supported Squats
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Jackknife Pulls
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
Flat Bent Leg Raises Angled Bridges
Didn’t reach this or further levels yet.
 Wall Handstands
Level 4 Half Pushups Half Squats  Half Pullups Flat Frog Raises Head Bridges Half Handstand Pushups
Level 5 Full Pushups Full Squats Full Pullups Flat Straight Leg Raises Half Bridges Handstand Pushups
Level 6 Close Pushups Close Squats Close Pullups Hanging Knee Raises Full Bridges Close Handstand Pushups
Level 7 Uneven Pushups Uneven Squats Uneven Pullups Hanging Bent Leg Raises Wall Walking Bridges (Down) Uneven Handstand Pushups
Level 8 1/2 One-Arm Pushups 1/2 One-Leg Squats 1/2 One-Arm Pullups Hanging Frog Raises Wall Walking Bridges (Up) 1/2 One Arm Pushups
Level 9 Lever Pushups Assisted One-Leg Squat Assisted One-Arm Pullups Partial Straight Leg Raises Closing Bridges Lever Handstand Pushups
Level 10 One Arm Pushups One-leg Squats One-Arm Pullups Hanging Straight Leg Raises Stand-to-Stand Bridges One-Arm Handstand Pushups

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