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Hi there! I am Paawan from Pune, India. I have the habit to talk a lot, but I’ll try keeping this introduction as brief as possible.

A few years ago,  I think around the summer of 2009, I had recently turned 16 and I got really obsessed with bodybuilding and working out, and joined a posh local gym but I never stayed motivated and focused enough to bring any major change in body. From their onward, I worked out all these years, but it was never consistent. During this time, many things changed, like I started working out at home rather than hitting the gym which has proved to be beneficial as my workouts became more consistent. And in February last year, I changed my focus from bodybuilding (lighter weights for more repetitions and less no. of sets, for hypertrophy i.e. increasing the size of muscles) to powerlifting (much heavier weights for lesser repetitions and more no. of sets, for increasing the strength of muscles). This change has made me stronger and I love working out this way! Another mistake I made for all these years was skipping cardio on many days due to my laziness!

Thus as a result of incorrect diet, inconsistency in working out and laziness in doing cardio, I am almost still as fat as earlier and except for a little bit of strength gains and a lot of knowledge acquired, there’s not much change on my body. A month ago, we were in the winter of 2013 and I still weighed 90kg /199 lb, which is almost the same as what I weighed 4 years ago!

This had changed last year. I had shed around 10 kg /22 lbs in November and December of last year, but this wasn’t because of any exercise, it was due to a strict diet of mostly boiled food as I was on bed for a month, recovering from Hepatitis A. But then, I had a quick recovery and in 2 months I was eating again monstrously and gained those 10 kg again in just a few months! And all this weight gain was happening even though I was working out after recovering from Hepatitis A. And after researching more, I now know that Diet has a role of more than 50% in how we look.

Why I created this Blog

Four weeks ago, for the first time in my life I started a very strict regimen of a very healthy and controlled diet, consistent exercise and long cardio sessions! And I have created this blog to be accountable to the faithful readers that will support me and encourage me to stay focused and continue this transformation process. I don’t have any ultimate goal to achieve, I have an aim of continuous improvement through out my life in my fitness levels, striving to achieve many short term goals on the way!

29th December 2013 Update: Click here to see the Body Weight and Measurements Update for December 2013

This is me, Paawan. On 19th November 2013. My body part measurements and weight can be seen in the image.

This is me, Paawan. On 19th November 2013. My body part measurements and weight can be seen in the image.

The subsequent posts will contain data (textual, pictures and videos) about my current daily schedule, my strict diet and recipes from it (which will be specially beneficial to vegetarians like myself), and my short term and long term goals!

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  1. Reply viki Dec 3,2013 5:45 am

    keep it up buddy. keep posting.

  2. Reply gene Dec 16,2013 10:57 am

    I really liked your article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

  3. Reply varun Feb 15,2014 9:29 am


    Why no post from the past two months?

    Waiting for some updates….

    • Reply paawan Mar 2,2014 4:03 am

      Sorry I got a bit busy in travelling, I am working on some new posts and will post them soon! :-)

      Best Regards

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